Ampha Z32 – Pollen Analyzer

Here is how Amphasys’ impedance flow cytometer is analyzing single cells such as pollen. It does so not optically but with electrical current. The absence of optical components reduces set-up times and maintenance to a minimum. This also means that there are no expensive or toxic fluorescent dyes and time-consuming sample preparation procedures.

Latest generation digital signal processing electronics are specifically tailored to Amphasys’ semi-disposable chips, such that best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells is achieved. The small dimensions of Ampha Z32 and the robustness of the electrical measurement provide a portable solution for any kind of cell analysis, be it in your laboratory or in the field. The Ampha Z32 is particularly suitable for routine applications, where detailed, high-quality cell analyses and ease-of-use are major requirements.


Pollen viability is important for plant breeders, farmers, and plants scientists since it is the foundation of high seed yield and quality as well as healthy plants. This instrument can be used for pollen viability in the following settings but not limited to:


  • Line selection in breeding programs
  • Optimize crossing success in inbreed depressed lines
  • Microspore development

Academic Research:

  • Effects of climate change on plants
  • Reproductive biology
  • Weed control through pesticides by analyzing pollen viability

Seed production:

  • Quality control in seed production
  • Maximize your daily pollination window
  • Improve seed yield forecasting
  • Optimize manual pollination

Production research:

  • Optimize collection, drying and storage of pollen
  • Set quality gates in the supply chain
  • Optimizing female to male (F:M) ratio
  • Pollination synchronization – Identifying effective pollination window

All of these can be done using Amphasys’ Impedance Flow Cytometer since it analyzes pollen not optically but with electric current. This innovative technology allows determination of:

The Ampha Z32 offers the following advantages compared to traditional pollen staining or germination protocols, which require sample incubation and tedious counting of cells under a microscope:

  • Simple sample preparation – no staining, media preparation or incubation is required
  • Fast result – with measurements that take less than a minute
  • One method for all species – this technology works with over 200 species tested so far and more to come

Here is how the chip works:


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