CI-203 from CID Bio Science

Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter

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Phyto Science offers a variety of choices of environmental equipments for beginners and the initiated.

Why Phyto Sciences

Phyto Sciences Distribution is a company that was established by its founder, Eric Michell, to do business in a fundamentally different of what people know about distribution companies. With his experience in sales of scientific equipment and his human values, the company will excel to satisfy its employees as much as its customers since clients can become key partners for the educational portion of the company.

Our Plant Categories

Whether it is to measure the surface, width, length, ratio factor, leaf area index, photosynthesis or pigmentation.

Whether it is to measure the diameter
or length.

Whether it is to measure the tree ring growth and other parameters or the density of wood.


Whether it is to measure dry matter, Total Soluble Solids, ethylene, O2 et CO2 gas, and Brix %

Whether it is to measure Brix %

Whether it is to measure the length, surface, volume, and diameter and the angle of branching


CID Bio-Science is an American company that specializes in the manufacturing of scientific instruments for researchers in plant sciences for the past 25 years. The instruments are built solid and of excellent quality for lab and field work making sure that researchers get accurate and reliable data for their researcher each time they use it! PhytoTech Labs is a manufacturer of high quality sterile culture media and supplier or growth containers for the plant tissue culture, plant biotechnology, and plant science markets. Amphasys is a Swiss company that has developed an innovative, reliable and unique instrument for the analysis of cells such as pollen using an impedance flow cytometry technology.

CID Bio-Science
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Felix Instruments
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Ramatouile Barry

Eric Michell

CEO Phyto Sciences

Our Specialists

We have an amazing team that serves clients with dedication, honesty and professionalism and that answers to the needs of clients and our partners. There is Eric Michell who is the president of the company and helps with sales and there is Ramatoulie Barry that serves as the IT specialist and cybersecurity. Together we are an unbeatable team!