PhytoTech Phalaenopsis Replate Medium

Product ID : P656

Package size: 1 L  –  10 L  –  50 L

PhytoTechTM Phalaenopsis Replate Medium is a proprietary formulation.  It’s a complete orchid replate medium and is ready for use after pH adjustment.

Contains sucrose, banana powder, potato powder, charcoal, a gelling agent.

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Solubility Water (Partially)
Physical Form Solid
Grams of powder to prepare 1 Liter 61.31
Other Notes Plant Tissue Culture Tested
Product Number P656
Weight 0.0000


Shipping and Storage

Storage Temp. 2 to 8 °C
Tariff Code 3822.00.5090



Form: Powder
Appearance: Gray to Black Powder
Application: Orchid Culture
Solubility: Partially Soluble in Water
Typical Working Concentration: 61.30 g/L
Storage Temp: 2 – 6° C
Storage Temp of Stock Solution: Preparation of concentrated solution is not recommended as insoluble precipitates may form.
Other Notes: Proprietary Formulation
Contains Sucrose, Banana Powder, Potato Powder, Activated Charcoal, and
a gelling agent.


Application Notes

Plant Tissue Culture Tested
A complete orchid seed sowing and replate medium.
Plant Species: Phalaenopsis and allied genera.

Safety Data Sheet


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